From the beginning VivaTech has been a supporter of open innovation, in the belief the main winners of tomorrow will be established companies that manage their business transformation, and startups that manage to grow sustainably. This is why Viva Technology for three days in 2019 will be a buzzing hive of open innovation, organized around 21 thematic Labs presented by major companies.


On the BNP Paribas 'Positive Banking' Lab, discover the future of responsibly-based customer service, tomorrow's client experience, new positive impact solutions, women's entrepreneurship and our startups partner!

They are coming with: Cashforce, PayLead and Lactips


Google France is proud to be one of VivaTech’s main partners. A great opportunity to demonstrate their commitment and to celebrate all their partnerships towards a sustainable innovation that benefits to all.

VivaTech is the best opportunity for La Poste to demonstrate their role in democratizing innovation and think digital for all the people.

They are coming with: Tangram, Cocolis and YesWeHack


Visitors of the LVMH Pavilion will discover a large range of innovations from all the group’s Maisons and startups, from enhanced customer paths to revolutionary storytelling tools and innovative payment solutions.

They are coming with: Timekettle Technologies, Lululab and Euveka


Orange at Vivatech: more than 120 start-ups from across France and around the world and numerous conferences and events highlighting four themes: simplified IoT, useful AI, digital trust and high-performing networks.

They are coming with: Xaalys, Vendredi and SoundHound


Driven by the ambition of creating the hospitality of the future, this year, the Accor Lab will inspire you new possibilities to live, work and play with our selection of 36 startups and our various talks and activities on innovation and augmented-hospitality

They are coming with: OnePark, Chance and Gymlib

VivaTech will be the occasion for Atos to display their global leadership in digital transformation, Cloud, Cybersecurity and High-Performance Computing. With their technologies and industry knowledge, they support their clients across all business sectors.

They are coming with: Greenspector, Picomto and Rcup


Our ambition is to showcase how AWS customers, from enterprises to startups to government agencies tackle their biggest technology challenges, build innovative solutions, become more agile, and improve their bottom line with our technologies.

They are coming with: Adikteev, Aircall and Dataiku


The power of purpose and technology builds bridges to possibility. Cisco brings the full breadth of skills, technologies, and dedication to accelerate business and foster innovation from cybersecurity, networking, datacenter to collaboration.


For the fourth edition, EDF is a partner in the Discovery area. Come and discover a selection of 40 startups who are creating and inventing today the world of tomorrow, in the field of smart energy, robotics, connected health...

This year, EY is strengthening its presence at VivaTechnology with the Viva Lounge sponsorship, the promotion of its latest innovations on the booth in the heart of the Hall of Tech and the Andy Baldwin’s keynote (EMEIA Managing Partner) within the CEO Forum.


Come and discover the world champion Formula 1 and how HPE technologies make companies faster, more agile and more performant.


We invite you to visit the Huawei Innovation Lab to meet our 32 amazing startups, including many French startups from our Digital InPulse program. As a innovation leader in the ICT industry, we will also share our latest insights and use cases in techs such as 5G, Cloud, AI, mobile devices and more.

They are coming with: Histovery, Partnering Roboics and Citymagine


At Viva Technology Paris, L’Oréal will present “Limitless Beauty”, its vision of the future of beauty and client experience, showcased through the Group’s latest tech innovations powered by voice, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

They are coming with: Modiface, Kadalys and Sillages Paris

We support HR transformation of companies to their changing market and develop the employability of people. VivaTech is the place to foster interactions and projects between large groups, startups and candidates and we want to be a full player in this evolution.

They are coming with: BEEDEEZ, Thrive and Pitchy


VivaTech represents an opportunity to share our latest innovations and know-how, to develop new services and meet our customers.

They are coming with: Bioxegy, EuroPass and K-Ryole


For the third time in a row, Région Centre-Val de Loire will be at VivaTech to showcase 2 main themes: Health/Beauty/Wellbeing and Welfare and the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance: innovation and creation from yesterday until today.

They are coming with: Janasense, Transition One and Nimest Tech


First smart Europe region, the Tech in Southern Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur represents a €14 billion turnover, 22,000 companies and 7 cutting-edge technologies! In 2019, Blue Tech, Green Tech and AI will be at the heart of the regional presence at VIVATECH.

They are coming with: ADD, Egerie Software and Bioceanor

On its "Tech4Health" stand Sanofi will present an experiential journey to allow everyone to understand how digital technologies are involved in all stages of the drug's life, from conception to patient support.

They are coming with: Sky Labs, Medicus AI and Withings


SAP will offer discussion regarding the impact of technology on the jobs market, the evolution of customer experience and circular economy.

They are coming with: Energency, Brennus Analytics and Qopius


Innovation is a great lever for mobility, enabling greater access and a more fluid public transport experience. Talks, demos, workshops: come and contribute to sustainable mobility.

They are coming with: Huclink, Dotaki and Adok


For the third year in a row, Sodexo is proud to be one of VivaTech’s main partners: the theme of their Lab this year will be “Data as a crucial ingredient to revolutionize our life quality services”.

They are coming with: Rydoo, Foodchéri and Aeye-go

For the 4th consecutive year, the Media Lab TF1 will be present at VivaTech to represent the vertical media. Visitors will be able to discover, on nearly 400 m2, the future of the media through innovative start-ups, immersive experiences and inspiring speeches.

They are coming with: Faciliti, Mirriad and Newsbridge


Innovation is the origin of Thales history and remains today as the core of their development. At VivaTech, Thales will showcase the latest innovations from their laboratories but also from their collaboration with many startups.

They are coming with: InBolt, Amiral Technologies and S2P - Smart Plastic Products


Valeo's automotive lab will be hosting 30 start-ups for the fourth year in a row. Valeo offers innovative equipments and systems at the heart of the 3 mobility revolutions: electrification, autonomous driving, digital mobility.

They are coming with: Mov’In Blue, Neteera and Codesna


VINCI Energies focuses on connections, performance, energy efficiency and data to fast-track the rollout of new technologies and support two major changes: the digital transformation and the energy transition.